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A horse knows what is in your head, responds to what is in your heart and connects with your soul

Angie Wells
Sentio Equestrian Sports Club, functioning as an association, is located in a modern stable in Trątnowice near Kraków. We are a sports facility, concentrated on constant advancement and training.
Our mission is to create a highly comfortable space for riders and horses. At our stable every customer will find tranquility, and modern technological solutions will ensure safety and a high level of training. Every horse is equally important to us. Caring for balance, we offer individual paddocks as well as larger pastures for groups. We encourage riders to go hacking – we’re in the process of preparing safe routes.

To keep a high quality of services and the comfort of all members, Sentio Equestrian Sports Club Association will not organize shows, run a riding school or offer recreational rides. We invite all horse lovers and passionate equestrians to join us – anyone can become a member!


Award-winning show jumping athlete, member of the national team, participant in the Nations Cup, representative of Poland at the European Championships in Herning (2013) or the World Championships in Caen (2014).

On his long road to excellent results in competitions up to the Grand Prix class, he was helped by persistence, hard work and training and consulting with the best. He had the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of such coaches as: Rüdiger Wassibauer (a two-time Olympian: the 1972 Munich Eventing and the 1976 Montreal Jumping) and Henk Nooren, who coached Marcus Ehning or the French national team (including Kevin Staut, among others) for many years.

Radosław Zalewski

Showjumping athlete, regularly competing at national and international arenas. He gained his experience working in stables in Belgium and the Netherlands. He is constantly progressing and developing his skills, taking part in workshops with Albert Voorn – a silver medalist of the Sydney Olympics.

He has some great results in the youth categories, including a bronze medal of the Polish Cup for Children (2014), fourth place in the junior National Championships (2018), bronze medal of the Indoor Polish Cup for young riders (2020) and many good runs in Grand Prix competitions at youth CSIOs.

Sport instructor of the Polish Equestrian Association with level II IGEQ international competences.

Szymon Najdzionek

Showjumping competitor and behaviorist.

In her career, she has prepared young horses for competition and has performed at competitions up to and including the Grand Prix class and 140cm at international competitions. She has honed her skills at many consultations, including with Albert Voorn, Luciana Diniz (GROW Academy) and Yvet Blokesh.

During her 1.5-year stay in Belgium, she trained permanently with: Leo Rauscher Horsemanship (work with difficult horses based on mutual communication), Jan Symons EQUIDOBOV (dressage work and jumping gymnastics in harmony with the horse's biomechanics) and a young rider, Norwegian National Team member Benedikte Endresen.

Natalia Maciejewska


Vice Olympic Champion, participant in the World Championships, Nations Cup and numerous Grand Prix at the 5* level.

Albert Voorn is one of the world's top riders and trainers, widely acclaimed for his work with difficult horses that many riders do not find agreement with.

Thanks to the vast knowledge he is able to impart as a rider, horse breeder, outstanding trainer and Olympian, his jumping clinics are very popular all over the world!

It was for his high coaching skills and his dialogue in teaching the horse and rider that Albert Voorn became an Honorary Rider of the French National Equestrian Academy Cadre Noir in February 2002.

Albert Voorn

Known worldwide as a trainer of the dressage discipline. Her specialty is dressage training for show jumping riders.

Sally Amsterdamer was born in the UK, but has lived in the Netherlands for several years. In her career of more than 20 years, she has worked, among others, with experienced show jumping competition coach Henk Nooren. She regularly conducts training sessions in Wellington, Florida, and in Europe. She passes on her many years of training experience and comprehensive approach to the proper psycho-physical development of the horse and rider to dressage riders and jumpers, emphasizing the correct fundamentals of working with horses. For many years he has also been an international judge in the discipline of dressage up to Grand Prix class.

Sally Amsterdamer


No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.

Winston Churchill
  • spacious and bright stalls, all equipped with safe outside windows, automatic drinkers and opened inside windows
  • feeding three times a day with hay and oat, serving feed and supplements, watering the hay and so on at the request of the owner
  • the price includes everyday turnout and horse walker
  • warm-water wash stations with suspended hoses and a safe floor surface
  • putting on boots, bell boots, masks for the walker and paddocks included in the price
  • spacious stable corridors
  • everyday cleaning of the stalls
  • solarium
  • deworming included in the price
  • a lunging arena with safe footing
  • safe and diverse hacking routes
  • individual paddocks
  • pastures for groups
  • a modern horse walker with strain-relief rubber brick surface and training programmes
To ensure high-quality safety standards, we used elastic and non-slippery stall mats by English manufacturers, protecting joints, tendons and hooves.

There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.

Rolf Kopfle
  • quartz-sand footing indoor arena measuring 30 x 60 metres with modern lighting
  • two sets of training obstacles
  • heated trainers’ room with a view on the indoor arena
  • a riders’ lounge with a kitchen, fireplace and a TV
  • bathrooms with showers
  • schooling sessions with national and international trainers
  • arena with quartz-sand footing measuring 3000 square metres
  • tack room
  • locker rooms with closets on the mezzanine
  • balconies overlooking the indoor and outdoor arenas
  • a qualified staff and grooms of Sentio Equestrian

What does riding horses give us? An escape from the world. Exercise in fresh air. Adrenaline rushes. Healing through the bond.

Sentio Equestrian will invite well-known trainers and athletes both from Poland and other countries. We want to constantly develop our skills and broaden our horizons. We are planning to organize meetings with interesting people from the world of sport, culture, health and mental development.

Love means attention, which means looking after the things we love. We call this stable management.

George H. Morris
Składka członkowska STANDARD 1550zł
  • korzystanie z infrastruktury Sentio Equestrian
  • codzienne sprzątanie boksów
  • karmienie 3x dziennie owsem i sianem wg. zaleceń właściciela
  • odrobaczanie w cenie
  • wypuszczanie na padok i karuzelę
Składka członkowska PREMIUM 2050zł
  • wszystkie opcje dostępne w składce Standard
  • pełna opieka luzaka (codzienna pielęgnacja konia, lonżowanie lub jazda pod nieobecność właściciela)
  • dodatkowe wyprowadzanie na padok i karuzelę
  • nieograniczony dostęp do solarium
  • przygotowanie konia na jazdy


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+48 508 428 843
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